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Alcohol and public health: the best way forward? (15)

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Central Health Promotion Resource Services and public libraries.
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Alcohol - Northern Ireland's favourite drug?

Alcohol is a major public health issue for Northern Ireland. Dr Anne Marie Telford and Mrs Lyn Donnelly highlight the need for continued action to reduce alcohol-related harm.

Drinking patterns in Northern Ireland.
It is important to measure how people drink as well as how much. Naomi McCay and Rob Phipps report on Northern Ireland's drinking culture.

Joining forces.
Northern Ireland's Drug and Alcohol Strategy Coordinator, Jo Daykin, explains how plans to tackle drug and alcohol misuse are being taken forward together.

Alcohol and public health: the European dimension.
Europe has the highest alcohol consumption in the world. Dr Peter Anderson examines why alcohol matters in Europe, what is being done about it and what helps frame policy.

Minimising harm.
Professor Eric Single proposes alternative policy approaches and considers emerging empirical evidence supporting harm minimisation measures.

Alcohol policy, harm reduction and the prevention paradox.
Professor Tim Stockwell discusses ways of reducing alcohol-related harm and describes the approach taken by one Australian state.

Alcohol and the heart.
Professor Ian Young analyses the effects of alcohol on the heart, establishes its limitations and considers the implications for public health policy.

A family affair.
Heavy drinking doesn't just affect the can have a substantial impact on their family too.
Jack Houlahan explains....

Alcohol problems in older people.
Alan Coleman discusses some of the alcohol-related problems experienced by older people and some of the services to address this need.

An alcohol strategy for England.
Mary-Ann McKibben calls for urgent action to create a comprehensive strategy for tackling alcohol misuse in England.

Finding the middle way.
Marcus Grant considers the challenge to alcohol-related public health in light of the relationship between alcohol and pleasure.

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